samedi 6 février 2010

Through a Lentz darkly

Some underling has told poor old Jim Lentz (of sticky accelerator fame) he is going to have to explain it all to the intertubes.

The process chosen for this God-like dialogue with the screen-dwelling inhabitants of the third planet out from an undistinguished star somewhere in a not much more interesting spiral galaxy is a Digg survey.

I must confess, I generally can't be arsed with all the tedious repetitions involved in gaming such systems manually, and sending some bot off to do my evil bidding is a) beyond my competence; and b) hardly sporting.

But nonetheless, it did strike me as a potentially democratic methodology, and I did have a naughty little giggle of glee at the thought of M. Lentz being forced to answer such questions as:

"Do you own a samurai sword? or "Where can I get corporate hair?" or even "Should I be concerned about the accelerator on my Toyota bicycle?"

It's cruel to mock the disabled. Interpret the tears rolling down my cheeks as you will. If you're still reading this in a gaping hole of idleness, "Have there been any problems with Toyota bicycles?" is my pick for the question that will have maximum comedy value if included in {accent_en_us} the top ten questions Lentz MUST answer Monday 2pm PST.{/accent_en_us}