samedi 18 février 2012

Interesting typo on the Guardian website

Spotting a typo on the Guardian website doesn't have quite the same cachet as catching one in print in the New York Review of Books, for the Guardian has always been notorious for such errors. Notice how the screenshot I grabbed is just another block of sans serif black on white with no texture—it would be trivially easy to fake, but it is genuine. Of course, if you visit the "original" the error may have been silently corrected, though as the publication date is now more than 36 hours old, which is a long time in internet news terms, perhaps it will not be.
I found this one entertaining though: the additional sibilance lent to the term US Congresss by the superfluous s is an effective literary technique to convey an impression of lizard-like evil, in which category those that engage in "sabre-rattling" with Iran should undoubtedly be placed, as there is no way that such aggression could possibly end well.